New album: Ming City Rockers || Lime

If you are desperate for new indiepunk, look no further than Ming City Rockers’ new album Lime. Ming City Rockers are a trio from Immingham (UK). They made their debut in 2014, but until now they weren’t even a blip on my radar. That all changes with Lime, an infectious record that at time reminds me of the Dirtnap (Nancy, I’m Bitter) and Lookout! Records rosters (Desperate), but at other times of late ’70s UK punk (Jill Was An Anarchist), and even of the Beastie Boys (Lollipopper, Another Head). With their ramshackle approach and unfiltered and unadulterated playing and songwriting, Ming City Rockers make it all to easy to fall for this record. The band open all of your windows and direct a tornado of fresh air through your place. It’s 2023 and Ming City Rockers are here to make sure it’s off to a good start.

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