New album: Dross || Nightmare World

Okay, so how does this sound? “Low attention span punk from London, featuring members of Lizard Brain, The Cavemen, The Speedways, Dead Meat, Trash Culture, & Virvon Varvon.” What about a vinyl release on the infamous No Front Teeth Records? Are you siked yet? Intrigued? Sceptical? Press play below to find out. This Nightmare World record is pretty loud isn’t it? Even at a low volume, this is powerful and edgy stuff. In fact, Dross sound so punk that you’ll probably lose some teeth, your wallet or break some bones at their shows. Best stay at home. Then again, how can you resist the pull of this collection of hits? Before you know it, despite promising to your spouse to keep a safe distance, you find yourself bouncing up to strangers at the front of the stage. Exciting stuff, indeed. Wrap yourself in bubble wrap. Go, you’ll be fine.

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