New album: Local Weatherman || Local Weatherman

Local Weatherman is a New York based indierockband that just dropped their self-titled debut album. According to the band, the record “has been in the making in one way or another for over five years.”

I stumbled on the record last Friday, dragged it to my potential writing material playlist. One day later, the shuffle function dug up Louisiana’s Greatest Beauty, and the song slowly drew me in. The songs starts rather underwhelming, but builds up to a killer chorus that sound like a team up of Blue era Weezer, Pavement and a saxophone. It immediately made me want to check out the rest of the record, which did not disappoint at all. The Weezer-Pavement association is definitely present throughout the record but it never becomes a distraction or feels like a case of plagiarism. Or perhaps I should broaden that circle of influences: this is a band that seems to have a soft spot for ’90s alternative music. Anyhow, Local Weatherman is a fun collection of songs which I wouldn’t be surprised to work even better in a live setting.

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