New album: The Beatpack || All Good things (Turn To Dust)

Over 30 years ago, UK garage rock band The Beatpack conquered Europe with untamed live shows and a few Billy Childish produced releases, including debut album Could You Walk On Water ‎(1991), then suddenly they disappeared from the scene. They’ve now been back at the front for 10 years, and their sophomore LP All Good Things (Turn to Dust) is finally here. Hugh Dellar (vocals, harmonica, percussion), Simon Harvey (guitars, vocals, percussion), Will Bourton (bass, percussion, vocals, autoharp, thumb piano) en Charlie Gurney (drums, percussion, vocals) haven’t lost any energy. Assisted by John Cheeseman (piano, organ, harpsichord, harmonium, Wurlitzer), Terry Edwards (saxophone, trumpet, flugelhorn), Sam Enthoven (theremin), and Adrian Tuft-Smith & Louis Wiggett (backing vocals) they recorded 12 new songs that are short but powerful and as raw as they are surprising. This is raucous rock ‘n’ roll as it was played in the 60’s, with splashes of punk, R&B, blues and psych added. Not dusty at all.

All Good things (Turn To Dust) is out now digitally and on vinyl LP through Spinout Nuggets.

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