New album: Breanna Barbara || Nothin’ But Time

Fuzz Club has another winner. Six years after her debut LP Mirage Dreams, Breanna Barbara is back with her second full-length album, called Nothin’ But Time. Although the New York City-based musician has been collaborating with trip-hop hero Tricky in the meantime (she wrote most of the new tunes while touring with him), for this new music you’ll have to look in a different corner of your local record store. The first part of the album delivers uptempo garage psych, for fans of The Limiñanas, Ghost Woman and The Paranoyds, but towards the end the artist slows down towards dark slowcore and dreamy indie pop that could have come from Portishead or Cat Power. The songs vary in tempo and atmosphere, but they are always full of blues, grand gestures and honesty – somewhat theatrical, held together by powerful vocals. Barbara explains: “I wanted each song to come from a genuine place. I’m very sensitive and emotional, and I’m at my best when I’m coming from a true place.” It proves to be a good starting point for an intriguing and exciting journey.

Nothin’ But Time is out now digitally, on CD and vinyl LP through Fuzz Club Records. Produced, engineered and mixed by Andrija Tokic, and with contributions from Ben Trimble (guitar, keys, back-up vocals), Charles Garmendia (drums, percussion), “Tall Juan” Zaballa (guitar, bass, keys, percussion, back-up vocals), Evan Heinze (guitar, keys, back-up vocals), Jack Lawrence (bass), Derry deBorja (keys, synth), John Palmer (organ, keys), Kyshona Armstrong (back-up vocals), Alexis Saski (back-up vocals), John and Liz Estes (strings), Jose Aybar (bass) and Ricardo Allesio (keys).

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