New album: The Flops || Stuck in a Room

Somewhere in a garage in Virginia, singer/guitarist Tony Boll (aka Bodeen Trout) and bassist Preston Fauver started The Flops about three years ago, yet they don’t play garage rock like we are used to. Together with jazz drummer Manny Rey they released a 5-track self-titled EP, and a 7-track follow-up EP, Salir. Although they recently got a new drummer (Devin Ritts), they still recorded their full-length album Stuck In A Room with this line-up. The 13 tracks were created piece by piece while the band was locked up – quarantined – in the studio, hence the title: “The idea was to create a record that took the listener on a journey – from the kitchen to the living room to the bedroom, a journey of confinement, isolation, and anxiety.” Although we can now listen to the result in freedom, the dark atmosphere fits wonderfully into the current world problems. The first thing that strikes are the heartfelt, gritty and intense vocals, soon after that you feel(!) that the instrumentation is not just musical wallpaper, but the sound of guitar, bass, drums and certainly the saxophone give the lyrics a lot of extra expressiveness. This is powerful, solid and grungy alternative rock that takes you back to the 90’s, but translated to 2022 (take for example the song Tomorrow halfway through the LP, which seems somewhat reminiscent of Silverchair’s hit of the same name, nevertheless it’s actually completely original and contemporary). The pandemic has resulted in an impressive trip – captivating for 68 minutes.

Stuck in a Room (self-released) is streaming only for now (on Apple Music and Spotify, unfortunately not yet on Bandcamp or Soundcloud), however the record is so good that a release on cassette, CD and vinyl is desired.

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