Nieuw album: Choice Words || …um

Zachary “Del” Weinberg grew up in the shadow of Detroit’s garage rock revival and he’s no stranger to the Chicago punk scene (he played drums in Cloud Mouth and Scoundrel), but his work under the moniker of Choice Words leans more towards gritty power pop (in his own words “it’s a “super” group, playing hard-hitting 90s alt pop rock akin to Superchunk, Superdrag, and Supergrass”). The singer-songwriter/multi-instrumentalist, now based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, has his (punk) heart in the right place and knows how to write, perform, and record powerful and catchy tunes. On his debut album .​.​.​um, you’ll  hear 7 energetic and danceable tracks in 17 minutes that fly by in no time. They have something unrestrained and fresh, but at the same time you can’t miss the experience and cool old-school sound in them. This record deserved a more confident title.

…um is out now digitally and on cassette through Org Music.

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