New album: Midwestern Medicine || The Gold Baton

Midwestern Medicine are not an easy band to put a label on. Sure, they are from Portland (Maine) and they have the classic indie rock line up of drums, guitars and bass with the addition of keys, banjo and piano. But sonically, the band is all over the guitar landscape. Their new record The Gold Baton is at times punchy and rockin’, at times hushed and full of introspection, at times Jets To Brazil and Promise Ringesque emo-rock, then switching to country and Americana influences, before moving into ’90s college rock and alt pop. The diversity is what I like most about the record. Like an octopus changing colors amidst different backdrops, Midwestern Medicine pulls off genrebending songwriting in any direction their mood takes them. It’s a major part of the appeal of The Gold Baton and makes for a fun record to explore. Want to find out more? Read this track-by-track guide at New Noise Magazine and check out the band’s playlist of recommended listens.

The Gold Baton is out now on LP.

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