New single: The Covids || Certified (Do It)

I’d like to introduce you to The Covids from Amsterdam, a band that sounds way more inspired than their name implies. Yet somehow, despite its hard-to-googleness, it may be the perfect name for a band with the ability to write a tune so contagious as Certified (Do It). It’s the A-side of their debut 7″ that is out now on Wap Shoo Wap Records. The song, which is a throwback to late ’70s punk (video included), has an insanely catchy chorus that surely will create major spreading events at their live shows. Flipside Get Up showcases a different side of The Covids. It has a moody postpunk vibe in the verse, whereas the chorus sounds kinda glammy if that makes any sense.

A really strong first outing that even if you’re fed up with Covid-19 should get you excited.

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