New album: Pronk || Mayonaise

At live shows from Dutch boogie-rock outfit Pronk, there are two kinds of people: the audience with a fist in the air – dancing , laughing, screaming, stomping, sweating, and drinking too much – and behind them some casual attendees who look open-mouthed wtf is going on. If you listen to the 11 new songs on their sophomore full-length Mayonaise, you can probably imagine that. It doesn’t matter that you don’t speak the language – most fans in the Netherlands don’t really understand this dialect either – but you’ll undoubtedly have an idea what it’s all about. Singer/guitarist Arjan Pronk (The Prodigal Sons, 16Down, Bökkers), drummer Henk Jonkers (Hallo Venray, Fatal Flowers), guitarist Sam Pols (Magnetic Spacemen) and singer Dion Legebeke (The Damned Few) play dirty, hard, bold and catchy rock ‘ n’ roll – party guaranteed – that you can’t get out of your head. This music is just as fat, unmistakable and shameless as the product from the album title, and that’s a compliment.

Add to wantlist: Mayonaise is out now on vinyl LP through Excelsior Recordings.

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