New album: 1990s || Nude Restaurant

In 2007 Scottish indie rock band 1990s released their debut album Cookies, featuring entertaining anthems like You Made Me Like It, You’re Supposed to Be My Friend and Cult Status. Their 2009 sophomore full-length Kicks was somewhat less successful, and after that it became quiet around the trio. As it turns out, they recorded a third LP in 2011, and after all these years you can finally listen to it! The album title that you shouldn’t google shows the youthful humor of the band members, the 13 hooky songs prove that they were still full of fun ideas. Standout tracks Psyche-Ward Pick-Up No. 9 and Walk The Plank would have been hits on the indie dance floors and alternative radio stations 10 years ago, but it’s never too late to catch up, right? The 1990s sound remarkably fresh in 2022, very nice that Nude Restaurant still sees the light of day. The band has reportedly reunited and will be touring again, so you can experience whether they still look and smell fresh too.

Nude Restaurant is out now on vinyl LP through Last Night From Glasgow.

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