New album: Johnny Tramuntana || Carreau Plein Fer

Perpignan in the south of France is not only a beautiful historic city with countless sights, high mountains and a sunny coastline, it is also the pleasure-oriented lifestyle and Catalan atmosphere that forms the sound of Johnny Tramuntana. The enthusiastic four-piece – Johnny Tramuntana (vocals, guitar), Johnny Cotine (guitar), Jonnie Boum Boum (drums) and Johnny Christmas (bass) – plays rock ‘n roll with country, surf and yé-yé influences. On their debut album Carreau Plein Fer you’ll hear 13 varied songs, instrumental or sung in French, that have a few things in common: they all scream summer, fun and craziness, and they make you smile, dance and speed. Here’s the soundtrack for your upcoming summer holidays.

Carreau Plein Fer is out on vinyl LP through Soundflat Records.

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