New album: The Yodees || Comic Books

In a world full of serious troubles to seriously worry about, is there one genre offering better escapism than bubblegum pop punk? Enter The Yodees from Brazil who clearly have other worries on their mind than climate change, polarization, or pandemics: GIRLS! They are he subject of most of the songs on their sophomore album Comic Books. The Yodees sing about girls with bad musical taste (“Believe me, I tried every song I know It’s all juvenile and unsophisticated for her, though,” in The Girl I Like (Hates Every Song That I Listen To)), about girls that are out of their league (“The girl is outta sight / But I want to be her man /I know I’m a solid five / Oh no and she’s a perfect, a perfect ten,” in Perfect 10), only want to be friends (Easy Kill), are non-existant (Fairy Tale) or NSFW (Emanuelle). And then there is a song about comic books, in which they sing “I wish my reality could be as half as cool as my comic books.”

Reality became a lot cooler recently since Mom’s Basement Records decided to release Comic Books providing a half hour respite to an alternative ’90s where The Queers and Mr T Experience rule the airwaves. Sometimes that’s all you need.

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