New album: Judy And The Jerks || Music to Go Nuts

Are you in the mood for a “drop everything you do, clear out your living room, play it loud and have a private pogo party” kinda record? Look no further than Judy And The Jerks’ Music To Go Nuts.

On their latest album, Judy And The Jerks (Hattiesburg, Mississippi) strike the absolute perfect balance between sounding authentically punk, moving at hardcore speed, and having melodies that will make the pop kids blush. Music To Go Nuts is a 16 minute hand grenade of sheer awesomeness and joy. Have a taste of Buford, one of the most exciting tracks I’ve heard lately, and try California as well – arguably the poppiest track on the record.

Available for streaming now, vinyl expected in September through Thrilling Living. WANT!

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