New album: Night Owls || Versions

The 45’s that Californian supergroup Night Owls released in the past three years sold out quickly, but the good news is that these singles have now been brought together on the irresistible album Versions. It’s a successful project of Dan Ubick (The Lions, Connie Price and the Keystones, De La Soul) on guitar and percussion, Blake Colie (Arise Roots, The Lions, Hollie Cook) on drums, Dave Wilder (The Lions, Ziggy Marley, Macy Gray) on bass, and Roger Rivas (The Aggrolites, Jason Mraz, LBDA) on organ and piano, and they re-image classic funk and soul hits and deep cuts with a Jamaican twist, but they do it like no other. On every track there’s a different vocalist, and they are not the least. For example, on Marvin Gaye’s Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler) you can hear the voice of Terin Ector (Orgone), and on Shuggie Otis’ Aht Uh Mi Hed that of John Arthur Bigham (Fishbone, Soul Of John Black). This is a heavy soul and dub infused LP with ace covers only, performed by top class musicians and singers, carefully selected and produced by Dan Ubick. Without a doubt this is THE record for barbecue parties this year.

Versions is out now digitally and on vinyl LP through F-Spot Records.

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