New album: Pinch Points || Process

When Australian turbo(post)punks Pinch Points released Reasons To Be Anxious as a teaser single of their sophomore album (Process), they raised the bar in terms of expectations. Now that Process is out, does the band deliver on that promise?

I definitely think so, although Reasons To Be Anxious probably is the most ferocious track on the record. But, it’s not like the rest is a stroll to the park. There is plenty of aggression and nervous energy on the record. The main ingredients of Pinch Points: start stop rhythms, cool angular guitar and bass riffs, talksinging with a heavy Australian accent combined with anthemic sing-a-longs.

My favorite part about Process is that Pinch Points can sound absolutely pissed off and in your face in one song, then all of a sudden can come across as surprisingly nuanced and inhibited. Am I Okay harbours all of that in one song and shows that underneath all the shouting there is vulnerability. It takes the sharpest edges off and makes the band even more likeable.

Process is out now through Mistletone Records and Exploding in Sound.

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