New album: 錯乱前戦 (Sakuran Zensen) || Odd-Royo

Sakuran Zensen’s I Am Sakuran Zensen was one of my overlooked records in 2020. The youngsters from Japan have just released the follow up, and I have to say that it tops their previous output.

What remained is the high energy rock’n’roll with its ramshackle charm. But the band shows a lot of musical growth on Odd-Ryo, a record that should transcend language barriers and crossover to an international audience. The band’s talent for creating viral worthy video’s won’t hurt neither – watch their video for the title tracks below.

What does hurt? The band announcing that this is their final record and that they are done being a band. I can only hope that this news is a joke somewhere lost in translation. But if not, let’s just sit back and appreciate the band for their short-lived career. Better to burn out…

Add to wantlist: Sakuran Zensen

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