New Album: 錯乱前戦 (Sakuran Zensen) || I Am Sakuran Zensen

There is a lot I hate about the Internet, but here’s something I love. Two years ago, I received a LinkedIn request from someone from the US I hadn’t met. Let’s call him Dan. Apparently, Dan followed me on Spotify, appreciated some of my playlists and wanted to say hi. That in itself I thought was a cool thing of him to do. Fast-forward two years, I messaged him that my AOTY list was up and that I started this blog with my brother. Dan replied and shared his own Top Ten of 2020 which he was working on for his friends’ annual poll. Dan’s top 10 included 9 excellent picks, and one completely unknown one from Japan: 錯乱前戦 (Sakuran Zensen). I have been playing their latest album I am SAKURAN-ZENSEN nonstop this morning. What an exciting garage rock-‘n’-roll record. Just one look at the album cover and the video below tells me: these guys know exactly what they are doing and are destined for bigger things – they remind me of early Hives in that sense. So thank you, Dan. And welcome to the wantlist 錯乱前戦!

Lookout for a list of records we overlooked in 2020 sometime in the near future.

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  1. Niek, I have discovered more bands through you than any other source over the last couple years, and I am happy to contribute a small repayment on the debt I owe you. I have been listening to punk/indie/powerpop/etc. for 40+ years, but it is still so hard to learn about Italian garage-pop or Norwegian bubblegum poppunk. And with all due respect to Fiona Apple, RTJ, and Sault, I hate that Personality Cult or the Reflectors (albums that I listened to over and over this year) will never even place on Top Album end-of-year lists, except on yours. Thank you, again! Dan

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