New album: The Total Rejection || Off The Top Of Our Heads.​.​.​And Other Forbidden Pleasures

The UK garage-psych rockers of The Total Rejection are back with their 4th studio album, Off The Top Of Our Heads .​.​.​And Other Forbidden Pleasures, and here they took a step forward. We hear 10 new and wild killer tracks that pick up where the Pebbles compilations left off, featuring driving rhythms, screeching guitar riffs and Arthur Andrew Jarrett’s signature vocals that you either love or hate. The band themselves say they wanted to keep it quite raw and edgy, and push things slightly, and they succeeded very well. The songs are better structured and even catchier than before. This is an addictive record that slowly but surely makes you hallucinate, and that’s a great achievement.

Off The Top Of Our Heads .​.​.​And Other Forbidden Pleasures is out now digitally, on CD and vinyl LP through Raving Pop Blast! Recordings.

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