New album: All Away Lou || Things Will Change

It’s easy to root for someone who is still passionate about playing punk rock three decades in her career. It becomes self-evident when that person wrote and played a kickass record all by herself.

I’m talking about Lou Hanman, who is best known as the singer of Caves, but also played in RVIVR, Worriers, Queen of Jeans, Katie Ellen, Mikey Erg’s band and Thin Lips. Aside from technical and production support by Kyle Pulley (Thin Lips) and Jackie Milestone, Things Will Change is all Lou Hanman. Or, should I say All Away Lou, which I assume is a reference to her move from the UK to Philadelphia six years ago.

Anyhow, Lou wrote all the songs and plays all the instruments on Things Will Change. The record is a must for fans of Caves of course, but also for fans of indie punk in general. Expect a diverse albums of pop punk bangers, indie rockers and headboppers, where Hanman’s vocal melodies shine bright. There is no lack of highlights on the record, but may I suggest a taste of Looks Right, Try As I Might, The Point, and the gorgeous Joyful Life? I think you’ll like it.

Things Will Change is out now on Specialist Subject Records.

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