New album: Trevor Blendour || Falling In Love

I may need to call my dentist, because I’ve been spinning a record on repeat today that is so sugary sweet, I wouldn’t be surprised if the damage to my teeth is permanent. Was it worth it? I guess so, in a “I didn’t need to finish that bag of chips but I probably will do so again next week” kind of way.

I’m talking about Falling In Love by Trevor Blendour. Blendour usually releases acoustic tunes as The Blendours. Falling In Love is more electric. Or should I say electrifying? It is an highly entertaining and extremely catchy record. If you like how Masked Intruder integrates doo wop and ’60s pop influences in their pop punk, this record is a must listen for you. Although with Blendour it’s the other way around. He sounds more like a ’50s rock’n’roller or a ’60s Beatlemaniac who just discovered Green Day’s Kerplunk record – listen to songs like Lost A Girl and Cold Heart for example. It’s kinda crazy, perhaps even criminal, how effortlessly Trevor Blendour mixes those styles, how he adds sweet harmonies and make this record sound like a golden oldies covers album.

The weekend is here, Valentine’s Day is coming up. Falling In Love is a timeless, yet timely record which sure will steal some hearts!

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