New EP: The Sad Tomorrows || The Sad Tomorrows

The Sad Tomorrows is what happens when a cast of punk veterans from New Jersey decide to transform their shared love for “bands like the Lemonheads, Big Drill Car, Sebadoh, indie-era Goo Goo Dolls and Soul Asylum” into some new music of their own. The Sad Tomorrows feature Jeff Schroeck (The Ergs!, Black Wine), Mike Hunchback (Hunchback, Black Wine), J Nixon (Hunchback, Nervous Triggers), and Brian Gorsegner (Night Birds). The band’s first output is a four song EP for Don Giovanni Records that I hope is a taste of more to come. I love how the band finds the sweet spot between punk rock and the altpop/altrock of aformentioned influences.

Tip of the hat to the EP art by the way. It features a cloud whistling a tune seemingly untouched by the rain that is falling from his umbrella. Is it just me, or is that a great metaphor for the past two pandemic years in which music provided much needed relief and joy to many?

For a band called The Sad Tomorrows, they sure bring a lot of positive vibes.

The Sad Tomorrows EP is available for pre-order now. Be quick, because the pressing of 100 cassettes will be a one and done.

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