New album: Parker Sprout || Milk In The Sun

Twelve years ago Parker Sprout’s band Velvet Davenport * was among the first artists signed to Portland psych label Moon Glyph. Sprout now returns to the label as a solo artist with Milk In The Sun, a record filled with jangly and dreamy indie rock, psych pop and hazy shoegaze. All songs are pretty much lo-fi and sequenced with some weird samples and soundscapes in between.

Milk In The Sun is an intriguing record. In a good way, I mean. Although most of the songs are really short, there is quite a lot of repetition within songs, which rather than annoy has a memsmerizing effect on me. It’s kind of weird and slightly offbeat, but I like it. If you like the recent records by Semi-Trucks and Sad Eyed Beatniks, you should definitely check this one out. Out now on cassette at Moon Glyph.

* One of the perks of discovering a new artist: finding out there are all kinds of gems in the back catalogue. First time I heard about Velvet Davenport  and I immediately added their Warmy Girls record to my wantlist.

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