New album: Ricky Rochelle || So Far So Good

Does a record that was released one song at a time in the last trimester of 2021, with a physical release due in 2022, count as a 2021 or a 2022 record?  Naturally, the answer to that question isn’t all that important. But it will matter to the AOTY purists, because here is a record that will likely pop up in several pop punk year end lists.

On So Far So Good, Young Rochelles drummer and singer Ricky Rochelle emerges as a solo artist. He is not the first drummer to make the transition, and while Ricky Rochelle may have found the slipstream of Mikey Erg, his record sounds more like the bubblegum pop punk of The Yum Yums and Chixdiggit! If anything, Ricky provides a pop punk fun fest in which he will make you smile about heartbreak (All She Needs (Is A Broom To Ride On)), politics (Don’t Put The Chimp In Charge), and self-awareness (I’m A Jerk).

So Far So Good is available to stream anytime, anywhere. LPs expected sometime this year at the consistently awesome Eccentric Pop.

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