New album: Tampopo || Magic Noodles

And now for something completely Twee…Magic Noodles by Danish three piece Tampopo. Most, if not all of the songs were written and recorded solo by Kasper Clemmensen in 2017 and 2018, and you can find the early versions of these songs on Bandcamp. On Magic Noodles, Clemmensen rerecorded the songs with the latest version of Tampopo including Ditte Duus and Morten Hougaard.

To my ears, the rerecorded songs are a major upgrade over the originals. Released on the final day of 2021, Magic Noodles is a great jangle pop/twee pop/C86 record full of sweet and catchy underground pop songs. I could reference comparables, but why not listen for yourself? You’ll know within a minute if this is for you. For me? Yes! With a capital Y, that is!

Make sure to also read Janglepophub’s post on the record – if you like this record and haven’t bookmarked that site yet, you are in for a treat.

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