New album: Betty Won’t || Lucky

It took me a while to decode what’s in the cover photo, but my attention was captured. The band name of this five-piece hailing from South Minneapolis also raises questions: who is Betty and what does she refuse to do? That’s guesswork, but what we do know: the band consists of Margo (guitar, vocals), Eliot (lead guitar), Sheela (keys), Fletcher (bass), and Jackson (drums), and they play tender twangy rock ‘n’ roll with influences from country, blues and soul. If Tami Neilson had played in a garage rock band back in the day, I guess it would have sounded something like this. Their own description is more telling though: Betty Won’t sings with a tear in her eye and a skip in her step. Their debut album Lucky, just released, consists of five new original songs and four re-recorded tracks that were previously on a demo with the Guarantees. Lo-fi, honest, raw and authentic, captivating in every way. One question remains: would the stuffed animal on the cover be the Demon Dog they’re singing about?

Lucky is out now digitally and soon also available on cassette. Add to wantlist: Bandcamp

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