David Menke & Lionel Limiñana || The Devil Inside Me

Movies are often a nice way to get in touch with other music, but in this case it was the other way around: as a longtime fan of The Limiñanas I found a new project by the male half of the garage rock duo in Spotify’s Release Radar. French composer / multi-instrumentalist / singer Lionel Limiñana, together with German composer / producer / multi-instrumentalist / sound engineer David Menke, recorded The Devil Inside Me, which turns out to be the soundtrack of the Netflix series Monsters inside – The 24 Faces of Billy Milligan. In between blogging I just started watching the documentary: the true crime story is intriguing, the images and design are cool and hypnotic. The 16 songs – partly instrumental – on this fascinating soundtrack have the same effect, thanks to their driving rhythms that get stuck in the back of your mind. Moody melodies, dark grooves, fuzzy guitars, and fitting vocals pick up where the soundscapes from the series left off. Theme song Them, which opens the (digital) album, is the standout track (another hit to be mentioned is Illusion Song), but the rest is more than good enough to deserve a vinyl release. For garage psych fans, this could be the soundtrack of the year.

The Devil Inside Me (OST) is published via Because Music, and can be heard on all streaming services.

UPDATE: On June 3, 2022, Because Music will release a vinyl 2LP, containing not only The Devil Inside Me OST, but also the music that The Liminanas and David Menke wrote for the Arte documentary The Ballad Of Linda L about the life of Linda Lovelace.

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