New album: Kid Gulliver || Kismet

Kid Gulliver is one of those bands that keep popping up in my bandcamp mails, releasing a new song every couple of months or so. The only reason I haven’t written about the band before is because we prefer to cover full releases that you can…well…add to your wantlist. With the release of Kismet, which is Kid Gulliver’s debut full length despite being a band for around 7 years, the band finally promoted from band-to-watch to add to wantlist. Kismet conveniently collects the songs that Kid Gulliver have slowly but steadily been recording and releasing in the past two years – all remastered to fit on one album.

The powerpop of Kid Gulliver is college radio friendly, and the band has a talent for writing melodies that are insanely catchy. My favorite song on the record is I Started A Joke, which I had no idea is actually a Bee Gees cover – thanx Josh Rutledge for pointing this out. But Kismet is stacked with Kid Gulliver originals that are massive hits. I am particularly fond of Stupid Little Girl, Susie Survived Chemotherapy, Beauty School Dropout, and Forget About Him. Kismet is out now on Red On Red Records.

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