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Mäsh are a classic rock-‘n’-roll outfit from Berlin. Last year, Mäsh released two singles that showed a lot of potential. Their first full length makes good on that promise, and shows a band on a roll ready to conquer stages all over Europe and beyond.

Mäsh’s self-titled debut LP is a tribute to the boot-stomping, fist pumping, and glam struttin’ hardrock of the Seventies. It’s the kind of music that probably will never be fashionable or hip, but when executed well provides something more important: good vibes all around. And boy, do Mäsh know how to combine Chuck Berry guitar licks with gang vocals and catchy melodies.  The lads in Mäsh either share a parent with the guys in Giuda or Faz Waltz, or have a similar record collection, because their musical DNA definitely overlaps.

From album opener Nico, it is clear that this is a feel good record. The bands sounds tight, and the production is crisp. This is the kind of record that sounds good regardless of the playing volume, but is best experienced ALAP (As Loud As Possible). Mäsh is out now on Wanda Records.

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