New album: The Mother Gurus || The Mother Gurus LP

The Mother Gurus is a trio from Melbourne, a city that harbours an infinite number of bands. Last week, the band released their 8-song self-titled debut album. And I have to say, I’m intrigued. The Mother Gurus mixes alternative ’90s guitars with the vocal harmonies of the ’60s and the psychedelic rock of the ’70s. It’s all there in the standout album opener As Far As I Can Tell (Papercut), which sounds like The Resonars playing early Nirvana or vice versa.

The record is not available in full on Bandcamp (yet?), so below is an earlier version of the song. You can stream the album in full on Spotify and the other streaming sites I guess. Anyhow, The Mother Gurus provide a cool mashup of styles that work surprisingly well.

Add to wantlist? Nothing to by, just stream it for now.

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