New album: Megadose || Wild & Free

Megadose are from the US state of Washington and feature Stephen Steen (vocals, guitars, organ), along with James Kasinger (drums), Laura Seniow (bass) and Mikey Ferrario (guitar). Their debut LP Wild & Free is produced by Trevor Spencer, who not only gave a the record a crisp, airy and all around great sound, he also provided backing vocals and additional instrumentation (melotron & keyboard). Musically, Megadose put their own spin on ’00s indierock which takes me back to the time where Bands of Horses, The Shins, Fleet Foxes and Frightened Rabbit suddenly appeared on the airwaves.

Wild & Free is the kind of record that slowly wins you over. The guitarplay particularly takes the spotlight, and deservedly so. But for me, it’s the interplay with the other instruments and the constant dynamics between more upbeat parts and more introspected ones, and more focused and more loose parts that made me play this record several times this week. I discover something new to like with each listen. Wild & Free is a timely record, with a season appropriate cover. Autumn’s here folks!

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