New album: Sam Johnson || Along the Dark Edges of Everything

Boston-based singer / songwriter / guitarist Sam Johnson spent the past decade as frontman for post-hardcore outfit Choke Up, but in addition to his punk rock voice, he also has a country heart. He lets that heart speak on his debut solo album Along the Dark Edges of Everything, and that sounds softer than what we were used to from him. But as other noisemakers have proven before – think of Frank Turner or Fred Lee – the step to less ferocious solo work can turn out well, because the quality remains and perhaps comes across even more powerful. Here we hear twelve songs with thoughtful lyrics about gratitude and grief, stories about lost youth and travelling, over a mix of folk, Americana, and indie rock music. The observation that these tracks are beautiful certainly doesn’t mean that it’s a boring or passive album, because a patient approach can also rock hard. For example, listen to Black Sheep Wine, a love song to Sam’s wife, and Wildfire, that explores the delicate moments between finding passion and burning out in your creative endeavors.

“It’s not the fading of the flame that really scares me // It’s how little I want it back”

Along the Dark Edges of Everything is out now digitally and on vinyl LP through What We Talk About Records.

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