New EP: Carpet Golf || Not As Good A Fisherman As Brock Lensar Is A Man

This should come as no surprise. But musical discoveries that put an instant smile on my face, cause my head to bop automatically to the rhythm, and make me want to drop everything and write about? Those are my absolute favorite discoveries. My sincere thanks to the four friends in Singapore’s Carpet Golf for providing exactly that with their six-song EP Not As Good A Fisherman As Brock Lensar Is A Man. I can only think of one downside of this EP and that is that it ends after six songs in 8 minutes, because I want more where this came from. Brotherhood Soup is not even 80 seconds long, but packs more awesomeness than any 3 or 4 minute song I’ve heard recently.

Carpet Golf feature members of Subsonic Eye (who we covered before), Charm, and the Neptune Waves. They call their sound as “friendship-core” that is “rooted in twee sincerity and emo sentimentalities with rich indie rock experience.” I think that’s a smart and fitting description for the short indie rock songs of Carpet Golf, and fans of either of these genres will enjoy this EP. And if the great music wasn’t enough already, the band also brings some much needed kindness to the world: their songs are about being honest and being brothers. Sounds like good company to me!

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