New album: Boogie Beasts || Love Me Some

Belgian four-piece Boogie Beasts have released their third full-length album, Love Me Some. Jan Jaspers (guitar, vocals), Patrick Louis (guitar, vocals), Fabian Bennardo (harmonica), and Gert Servaes (drums) deliver 12 raw blues rock hits, including preceding singles Bring it On, Favorite Scene, and Howl / Mine All Mine. Danceable songs, which have their origin in old, electric Delta blues, but with a modern, catchy sound. Masculine lyrics, over an infectious drive, with addictive harmonica riffs in the lead. Boogie Beasts are a blues monster with a high cuddle factor. I love them some. What about you?

Love Me Some is out now on CD and vinyl LP through NAKED. For fans of The Black Keys, Black Box Revelation, T-99. Add to wantlist:  Plato Mania

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