New album: Cheeky || Freaky Deaky: The Cheeky Discography

Well, this is a nice surprise from Jeff Rosenstock’s Really Records: the full discography of Cheeky on one conventient platter of clear blue vinyl! If you are unfamiliar with Cheeky, they were a short lived (2007-2009) four piece from Long Island with a knack for writing catchy old school pop punk, and a fearlessness to fight the increasing toxic elitism and machoism in the punk scene.

The band’s guitarist and vocalist Kate Eldridge went on to form the mighty Big Eyes. If you are a fan of that band, you are sure to like this anthology. Essentially, if you like your pop punk edgy and rockin’, you are sure to like this release as well. Other Cheeky band members went on to perform with bands such as The Babies and Sleater Kinney.

Freaky Deaky compiles Cheeky’s complete output: the Choke on a Cheeseburger EP, Art Of The Underground Single Series 7″, What The Heck 12″, their split single with Tenement, and their Live At The Boneyard cassette.

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