New album: Wildflower || The Ocean Rose

We go to great lengths to keep up to date with new albums and singles from our (potentially) favorite artists, through countless Bandcamp alerts, label mailings, music magazines, record store newsletters, and so on (check out this list of upcoming releases we look forward to). Sometimes it’s difficult to listen to new work, because some bands have names that are not googleable, not everything is available on every platform, and some songs are not even shared online at all. For example, when I was looking for the sophomore LP The Ocean Rose by Portland five-piece Wildflower today, initially I came across another Wildflower, from Santa Barbara, who coincidentally released the EP Into The Night in the same week, with three beautiful acoustic ballads. That even bands with the same name come up with good music at the same time. illustrates nicely how much there is to choose from. Anyway, let me not waste any more words on this little first world problem, but let’s travel to the miniature world of nostalgia and wonder – where past meets present – that The Ocean Rose offers. Close friends Mathew Maiello (keyboards, sax, clarinet), Jason Eckerson (bass), Roby Moulton (drums), Alex Winthrop (electic guitar, slide), and Adrian O’Barr (acoustic guitar, distinctive vocals) play nine warm songs about the simple pleasures of life on the Atlantic ocean. With each spin you’ll extend the summer by 39 minutes and 30 seconds!

The Ocean Rose is out now digitally and on 12″ vinyl LP through Night Bloom Records. RIYL Woods, Neil Young, Rose City Band.

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