New post: The Hornets || Heavier Than A Stone

In 2016, Italian friends Stefano Francia (guitar / vocals), Alberto Francia (bass / vocals), Giovanni Artioli (guitar / vocals), Andrea Rovituso (drums) formed The Hornets, from a shared love for rock ‘n’ roll, and to justify the purchase of a 1988 Chevrolet Van. Although their playing together was initially just for fun, they spent many hours behind their instruments before releasing their full-length debut album Heavier Than A Stone this summer. It was worth the effort, it was worth the wait. Influenced by 70’s classic rock and 80’s hard rock, to which they add touches of blues, garage, glam, and psych, they stand on the shoulders of Thin Lizzy. Heavy guitar riffs, great hooks, choruses to roar along with your fist in the air – nine strong new songs for those who love rock ‘n’ roll too.

Stream the full album below.

Out digitally and on vinyl LP through Go Down Records.  Add to wantlist: Bandcamp

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