New album: Cruzados || She’s Automatic!

American rock band Cruzados released their self-titled debut album in 1985 and their second LP After Dark in 1987, scoring hits like Motorcycle Girl and Bed of Lies. Some 30 years after their breakup in 1990, their co-founder bassist/songwriter Tony Marsico brings back Cruzados, with a new lineup featuring vocalist Ron Young, guitarist Loren Molinare, guitarist Mark Tremalgia and drummer Rob Klonel. They even have a third album out: She’s Automatic! is a collection of 11 new original songs, dedicated to the memory of fallen Cruzados members Chalo “Charlie” Quintana, and Marshall Rohner. Older and wiser, but just as enthusiastic as in the good old days. This is bluesy rock ‘n’ roll with gritty vocals, hard-hitting drums and heavy guitar riffs, which radiate the joy of playing.

Out now on CD and vinyl LP through Scamco Records. Add to wantlist: Cruzaodos || Discogs

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