New album: LittleBoy || QuarterLife

Anyone who wants to, can nowadays record songs and share them with the world, but not everyone has the talent and perseverance to do so convincingly. Zach DeZago Adams succeeded. While the New Yorker is still young – before work and children hijack his life, as he expects – he shows that you can get a lot done in music and media on your own. As LittleBoy he writes, plays, records, produces, and sings everything himself, and he does it in a way that is somewhat reminiscent of the early work of Car Seat Headrest. This is appealing, guitar-driven lo-fi indie rock with searching lyrics. “Why am I writing this song?”, Zach asks in Can’t Last. The answer is as simple as it’s true: so that you and I can listen to it. Stream the ten tracks of LittleBoy’s new album QuarterLife below.

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