New album: Jonah Gold And His Silver Apples || Spread The Disease

If there’s one man in the Dutch music scene to keep an eye on, it’s Arjan Spies. We know him from The Kik, Combo Koedijk, Les Robots, The Kryng, and Fleur, but apparently he also found time to record Spread The Disease, the new (second) album of Jonah Gold and his Silver Apples. Another nice one. The German four-piece plays raw and catchy garage punk the way garage punk is meant to be; 12 songs that sound like they were made in the 60s heyday, that wouldn’t have been out of place on the Back From The Grave compilations. With the difference that these are new originals from Dimitriou, Jackson, Lamp, and Runge. Despite the bandname this isn’t sweet fruit, but for the hipshakers who like heavier stuff.

Stream the full album below.

Out now on cassette through Harry Records. Add to wantlist: Bandcamp (digital version)

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