New album: Sonny & The Sunsets || New Day With New Possibilities

Every time garagepop band extraordinaire Sonny & The Sunsets release a new album is a good time in my book. One of the things I love about the band is that none of their albums sound the same, but you still identify them instantly as a Sonny & The Sunsets record. New Day With New Possibilities, the band’s eight album, is no exception, although it is sonically similar to Longtime Companion (2012). Sonny again goes full country, fueled by a stay in a free recording studio where, instead of painting, he read old western paperbacks, went on walks, and wrote country tunes about “being alone, songs about failed men, some dark tales of longing.”

The returns are maximal. New Day With Possibilities is a very strong collection of darkly comedic, sad countrypop. Country perfectly matches the smart wordplay of Sonny Smith, who needs few words to evoke powerful images and break you heart. Perhaps the best illustration of this is the opening line of Earl & His Girl : “His name is Earl // You can tell from his girl // That he likes to hit women.” Or what about Love Obsession, with lines like ” and “I’m on the board of depression // And I’m up for re-election.” Like I said, anytime Sonny releases new music is a good time.

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