New album: The Foshays || Not So Now

And now for something completely different…meet The Foshays, a cartoon rock band from Minneapolis. The mastermind behind this project is illustrator BiL Sherman, who writes the songs and draws the cartoons. Together with the members of his band Mannequins on Welfare, he recorded the songs that make up The Foshays debut album Not So Now. There are 13 songs on the record. Four of these songs were also on the bands 2019 Foshays First EP 7″, which, in perfect harmony with the cartoon band image, also contained a 12 page comic book.

To be clear, although The Foshays are a cartoon band, these songs are all originals of self-proclaimed bubblegum hardrock. I think that is a solid description of the music, although I would add glam, soul, garage and rock-‘n’-roll as well. Like the best comic books, the records starts and finishes strongly: the album opener and the album closer are my favorite songs. But the middle part is not too shabby neither. Keep in touch with the adventures of The Foshays on Twitter.

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