New album: So Cow || Bisignis

I was today years old when I discovered that the word business finds its origins in the Old English word bisignis. And wouldn’t you know, bisignis actually stands for anxiety, making the origins of business rather cynical and disturbing.

It also makes for a perfect album title in the year 2021, so a tip to the hat to Irish indie rockers So Cow for naming their seventh album Bisignis. It was recorded in a shed of a rented house in a couple of days during the third lockdown in Ireland. Despite the late pandemic and existential dread, Bisignis sounds like a fun collection of unfussy indierock with fuzzy guitars and solid melodies and hooks. Like all previous So Cow albums, it’s by no means a perfect album. But like all previous So Cow albums, Insignis includes some pop perfect indie rock hits. Check out Not Anything At All, Barry Two (a sequel to the band’s 2014 hit Barry Richardson) and Requests.

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