New single: Floodlights || The More I Am / Overflowing Cup

With their debut full length From a View, Melbourne band Floodlights made it to the top of my Music Year-End List of 2020. Now Louis Parsons, Ashlee Kehoe, Joe Draffen and Archie Shannon are back with a new 7″ that I might like even more. A-side The More I Am is a jangly rock song that bursts with despair, B-side Overflowing Cup slows down a bit and surprises with an intense harmonica solo, both are great again in terms of interplay, vocals and structure. It may be clear that more attention has been paid to the sound than to the cover art, but who cares when the music is so good?

“Perspectives and opinions // Have obscured my view // As I look through my window // I can only see half of what I used to”

Out now digitally and on 7″ vinyl through Tiny Town Records. Add to wantlist: Bandcamp

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