New album: Modern Amusement || Modern Amusement

If we were still living in the 90’s, American rock duo Modern Amusement could easily have been on the charts alongside Oasis, Weezer, Panic! At The Disco, Wheatus, etc. – you can hear a lot of those influences on the self-titled full-length debut album by Sam Black (vocals, guitars, keyboards, harmonica, bass) and Marco Milo (it’s not exactly clear what his role is, besides making comics to the music), assisted by OK Go’s Dan Konopka (drums, production). These are eleven original songs full of hooks and entertaining lyrics, sung by a distinctive voice that won’t appeal to everyone but captivates me – strong uptempo songs that I keep playing these days. Even 20+ years after the 90’s we can very well use some Modern Amusement!

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