New album: Neighborhood Brats || Confines Of Life

Neighborhood Brats are here to erase any doubt about the state of punk rock with their third album Confines of Life. I intended to write an eloquent review, but all I’m coming up with while listening to the record is exclamations like: Kick-ass! Awesome! And, are you kidding me?! I have been listening to this band for almost a decade, and I have always loved how Neighborhood Brats sound intense yet melodic and have that dangerous edge of old school punk. They play like their lives depend on it, like there is something at stake: this is a band that most definitely cares about their music and the state of society. Fortunately, Neighborhood Brats have retained those intangibles on Confines Of Life, which arguably is their most accessible record to date. Songs like Who Took The Rain, Miss America Pageant and Transitional Housing are modern day punk classics. Out now on Dirt Cult Records (US) and Taken By Surprise Records (EU).

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