New album: Dede Priest with Johnny Clark’s Outlaws || When Birds Were Snakes

When Birds Were Snakes – it’s no coincidence that the title of this new CD comes across as a bit philosophical. Dede Priest earned a degree in philosophy, but she followed her heart and let the music lead. She had studied classical violin as a child (often holding it and strumming it like a guitar) and after years of performing primarily as a vocalist, she would later make the transition to singing and performing with her violin and guitar. Very cool! On this album, a succesful collaboration with Johnny Clark (vocals / guitar), Ray Austria (bass), and Leon Toonen (drums), all those talents come together perfectly. These are 12 good blues rock songs, but Priest’s extraordinary voice gives it a soulful feel. Watch the video for the title track below and listen to the rest of the album on your favorite streaming platform.

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