New album: Ruby Bones || Laser Tooth Tiger

Are you sick of pundits predicting what happens after the pandemic yet? I’ve seen some predicting a summer of love and partying, with more pessimistic others forecasting a seemingly neverending rotation of pandemics  and lockdowns. The thing is, who knows? As such, I can appreciate the direction self-proclaimed nostalgic indie rockers Ruby Bones took on their new record Laser Tooth Tiger. They opted to write a soundtrack for the aftermath of the pandemic, a celebratory record for friends and fans, a record about getting up and moving forward. They dove into their indierock record collections for inspiration and used that to write a hook filled record that has an immediate sense of familiarity and is instantly enjoyable. My  prediction? Fans of early zeroes indierock will appreciate this record a lot. Music fans who are looking for some uncomplicated fun when finally able to visit shows will do so as well. Out now on Mint 400 Records.

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