New album: Electric Looking Glass || Somewhere Flowers Grow

The Californian baroque pop band Electric Looking Glass is a collaborative effort between four kindred spirits (multiple vocalists, multi-instrumentalists and songwriters). Self-producing in their own analog, technicolor wonderland, Arash Mafi, Brent Randall, Johnny Toomey, and Danny Winebarger pay loving homage to the kaleidoscope pop of 1967 with attention to detail in their uplifting songs, Monkees-esque music videos, vintage clothes, and colorful cover art. Very well done. You can smell the flowers through the jangly guitars, whistling organs, and vocal harmonies. Their long awaited, psychedelic full-length debut album Somewhere Flowers Grow is out now digitally and on vinyl LP via We Are Busy Bodies (the first pressing is sold out, but there will be a repress with appropriate purple, red, green, blue & yellow variants). Sgt. Pepper, here are visitors for you.

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Bonus: Below the videos for Purple, Red, Green, Blue & Yellow, Dream A Dream, Rosie In The Rain, and Someday Soon.




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