New EP: ọRIọNE || Astral Paramnesia

The raw energy and improvisations of the Italian psychedelic / garage rock band ọRIọNE come out best in live shows, but as we all know that has not been possible for 16 months as a result of the current circumstances. Astral Paramnesia is an EP born from the need to make music as a band without having the opportunity to play on stage, the result of a series of demo exchanges between the members of the band, structured in a home recording regime and ended up in a studio. When you hear the first notes of opening track Deja Vu you think that Thee Oh Sees are operating under a new name again, but after 10 seconds Alessandro Vanni (guitar / vocals), Massimiliano Bruno (bass / vocals), Andrea Torre (keyboards), and Tommaso Marraccini (drums) take a turn and then they show their own faces. These are five songs that are already very worthwhile digitally, but hopefully can also be experienced live in a sweaty pub soon.

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